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"Florida's black voters critical for Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders" - Sun Sentinel, 2/23/2016

"African-American Professor Dr. JeffriAnne Wilder Takes on the Race Discussion with UNF's New Institute" - UNF Spinnaker, 2/11/2016

"Is Beyonce's Anti-Police Superbowl Performance Justified?" - WJLA Washington DC, 2/11/2016

"UNF's Newest Institute Aims to Bridge Gaps in Conversation on Race" - Florida Times-Union, 2/10/2016

"The Colorism Paradox: UNF Professor Explores the Impact of Skin Tone on the Everyday Lives of African American Women" - Florida Times-Union, 1/18/2016

"Mizzou Protest Not an Isolated Incident" - Minnesota-Spokesman Recorder, 11/23/2015

"Duval Schools Hit With Federal Discrimination Suit" - Florida Times-Union, 8/6/2015

"Black Lives Matter Activists Disrupt More Political Events; Criticized by Black Leaders" - WJLA Washington DC, 8/25/2015

"Together in Fort Lauderdale: Jeb Bush and Hillary Clinton to Share Stage for First Time as Presidential Hopefuls" - Sun Sentinel, 7/26/2015

"Flag Down But History of Racism Still Looms Over SC" - KUTV Salt Lake City, 7/15/2015

"University of Oklahoma Acts Quickly as Racist Incident Threatens Hard Earned Status" - The Associated Press, 3/10/2015

"Marissa Alexander Begins New Chapter; Nation Resonates with Story" - Florida Times-Union, 2/8/2015

"Diversity Within UNF" - UNF Spinnaker, 11/21/2014

"Shopping Mall Bans Upturned Hoodies for Safety and Security of Everyone" - The Grio, 3/5/2014

"Quote that Sociologist: 124 Mentioned in the Times" - Family Inequality Blog, 2/20/2014

"#DangerousBlackKids; Black Twitter Challenges the Criminalization of Black Youth" - The Grio, 2/18/2014

"Zimmerman Case has Race as a Backdrop, but You Won't Hear it In Court" - The New York Times, 7/8/2013

"African-American Baby Boomers and Retirement" - WJCT News, 5/16/2013

"A Balancing Act: How to Juggle Full-time Work and Part-time School" - Black Enterprise Magazine, 1/31/2013

"Public Speaking Nightmare? How to Become a Hit" - Black Enterprise Magazine, 10/29/2012

"School-to-Prison Pipeline on NAACP Agenda at Florida Convention" - Florida Times-Union, 9/11/2011