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via TX JAX


"Skin Deep: Colorism in the 21st Century" - Wisconsin Public Radio, 2/4/2016

"UNF Professor Discusses New Book on Colorism" - WJCT Public Radio, 1/28/2016

"Third Anniversary of Jordan Davis" - WJCT Public Radio, 11/23/2015

"As Missouri University President Resigns, UNF Prof Finds Parallels, Differences in Jax" - WJCT Public Radio, 11/9/2015

"Reaction to the Charleston Church Shooting" - WJCT Public Radio, 6/18/2015

"Reaction to the Ferguson Decision" - WJCT Public Radio, 11/25/2014

"UNF Expert Discusses Race and Justice Issues" - WJCT Public Radio, 10/2/2014

"Are Minorities Unfairly Targeted by Stand Your Ground" - WJCT Public Radio, 5/22/2014

"Jacksonville Reacts to the Dunn Verdict" - WJCT Public Radio, 2/17/2014

"Analysis of the Michael Dunn Trial" - Life Full Circle Radio, 2/8/2014

"Racist vs. being Racist. Is there a difference?" - Life Full Circle Radio, 4/26/2014

"I Can't Breathe. Eric Garner, Tamir Rice, Trayvon Martin, Charles Barkley & more" - Life Full Circle Radio, 6/12/2014

"Talking About Race Project" - Life Full Circle Radio, 7/12/2014

"Post-Zimmerman: Where Do We Go From Here?" - Life Full Circle Radio, 7/15/2013

"Race, America, & the Justice System: Examining the George Zimmerman Trial" - The Takeway, 7/9/2013

"Why do Black Women Stay single?" - Life Full Circle Radio, 8/17/2013

"Conscious and Unconscious Colorism and Multiculturalism" - Life Full Circle Radio, 9/27/2013

"Skin Color and Racism" - The Academic Minute, 5/8/2013

"The Emotional Response to the Reelection of President Obama" - Life Full Circle Radio, 11/8/2012

"Kids and Race: Where does the Divide Begin?" - Life Full Circle Radio, 4/11/2012

"Colorism in the African-American Community" - Life Full Circle Radio, 3/2/2012

"Health vs. Hair: The Battle Between the Perm and the 'Firm'" - Life Full Circle Radio, 2/6/2012

"The S__ People Say Series is a Satirical Look at Our Prejudices" - Life Full Circle Radio, 1/24/2012

"African-American Identity" - Life Full Circle Radio, 4/20/2011

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"Race Relations at an All-Time Low" - WJCT Public Radio, 9/30/2015

"Celebrating the Achievements of Black Women in Higher Education" - UNF On the Record, 3/4/2014

"Celebrating the Achievements of Black Women in Higher Education" - Cindy Graves Show, 2/13/2014

"The Michael Dunn Trial Begins" - WJCT Public Radio, 2/3/2014

"Black Heritage on the First Coast" - WJCT Public Radio, 8/7/2013

"The Rise of Women Breadwinners" - WJCT Public Radio, 6/5/2013

"Response to Zimmerman Verdict" - The Jack Gravely Radio Show, 7/16/2013

"Response to the Zimmerman Verdict" - The Bill Good Radio Show, 7/15/2013

"Response to the Zimmerman Verdict" - South Florida First News, 7/15/2013