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from  The Chat - First Coast News

from The Chat - First Coast News


"Issues of Race, Gender, and Popular Culture"  - The Chat- First Coast News, 4/18/2016

"Issues of Race, Gender, and Popular Culture"  - The Chat- First Coast News, 4/6/2016

"Issues of Race, Gender, and Popular Culture"  - The Chat- First Coast News, 3/21/2016

"Ebony's "Body Brigade" Cover Addresses Body Image Issues Amongst Black Women"  - News One Now, 3/10/2016

"Race, Beyonce, and the Superbowl"  - The Chat- First Coast News, 2/18/2016

"Colorism in the Black Community"  - River City Live- WJXT,  1/15/2016

"Colorism in the Black Community"  - The Chat- First Coast News, 1/14/2016

"Let's Talk: A Community Conversation on 2016 Election"  - First Coast News, 12/9/2015

"Church Massacre Raises Hate Crime Questions"  - WJXT, 6/19/2015

"America to Become Less White in 30 Years"  - Huffpost Live, 3/4/2015

"Jaguar Players Wear 'I Can’t Breathe' Shirts"  - WJXT, 12/19/2014

"Social Media Lights Up Over Grand Jury Decision"  - First Coast News, 11/25/2014

"UNF Professor Weighs in on Ferguson Decision"  - WJAX, 11/25/2014

"Sociologist: Grand Jury Decision Setback for Race Relations"  - WJXT,  11/25/2014

"Experts Say Dunn Trial Promotes Race Relations"  - First Coast News, 10/2/2014

"Zimmerman Attorney Weighs in on Dunn Verdict"  - WJXT,  10/2/2014

"Ferguson Shooting Sparks Conversation on Race"  - Action News, 8/18/2014

"Community Closely Watches Ferguson Police Shooting"  - WJXT, 8/18/2014

"First Coast Forum: Stand Your Ground"  - WJCT-PBS,  5/22/2014

"Dunn Verdict Hot Topic on Black Twitter"  - WJXT, 2/18/2014

"Professor Discusses Impact of Violence in Dunn Trial"  - First Coast News, 2/5/2014

"Sociology Professor Says Trial Viewed Through Racial Lens"  - First Coast News, 2/3/2014

"George Zimmerman Trial: Countdown to a Verdict"  - 20/20 ABC News, 7/12/2013

Additional Appearances - not recorded

"The Progress of Race Relation in the United States" - Action News, 10/14/2015

"The Progress of Race Relation in the United States" - On Point Show- First Coast News, 10/9/2015

"Is NAACP Leader Pretending to be Black?" - Huffpost Live, 6/12/2015

"Gender and Social Issues in the Jacksonville Sheriff's Race" - On Point Show- First Coast News, 3/20/2015

"U.S. Justice Department Releases Report on Ferguson, MO Police Department" - Global TV News, 3/4/2015

"U.S. Racial Divide Over Eric Garner Chokehold Death" - Global TV News, 12/4/2014

"U.S. Reaction Over Unrest in Ferguson" - Sky News, 11/26/2014

"UNF Professor Weighs in on Ferguson Jury Decision" - First Coast News, 11/14/2014

"Expert Weighs in on Jacksonville Race Relations" - First Coast News, 8/18/2014

"UNF Professor: #JusticeForJordan may be better than #DangerousBlackKids" - First Coast News, 2/18/2014

"Coverage of Dunn Verdict" - First Coast News, 2/15/2014

"Dunn Trial Expert Analysis" - First Coast News, 2/14/2014

"Dunn Trial Expert Analysis"- First Coast News, 2/12/2014

"Dunn Trial Expert Analysis"- First Coast News, 2/10/2014

"Dunn Trial Expert Analysis"- First Coast News, 2/8/2014

"Day 2 Dunn Trial Analysis"- First Coast News, 2/7/2014

"Issues of Race in the Michael Dunn Trial (live)"- First Coast News, 2/5/2014

"Race Relations in Florida 50 Years After 'I Have a Dream'" - WAWS-FOX Affiliate, 9/1/2013

"Breaking News on the George Zimmerman Trail" - Nightline ABC News, 7/12/2013

"How Communities Can Respond to Violence in the Wake of Brunswick Toddler Shooting" - First Coast News, 4/4/2013